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The Müller Safety Box enables safe transportation of damaged electric vehicles. The six-metre-long rolling container can be hitched onto an interchangeable-body truck using a hook lift. It can also be loaded onto platform vehicles and trailers. The Safety Box can be placed on the carrier vehicle using a forklift by means of the attached forklift guides.

Damaged vehicles are pulled into the container with a winch attached to the carrier vehicle. For this purpose, an extra bulkhead fitted with a fairlead for feeding through the towing cable is installed at the front end of the box. It is also possible to steer drivable electric vehicles into the Safety Box or to load them by crane. The top of the box can be opened vertically by means of a hand-operated container winch. A loading ramp is mounted at the rear, which is spring loaded for easy opening and closing by hand.

The roof is completely made of sheet steel. The sides of the loading space are covered by a non-combustible tarpaulin made of stainless steel-reinforced glass fabric (EN 13501-1: A2-s1, d0). The tarpaulin material can withstand temperatures up to 1,100 °C. Thanks to the silicone coating on both sides, the protective tarpaulin is weatherproof, watertight and airtight up to 250 °C. The material is resistant to a multitude of alkalis, acids, oils and solvents. If the batteries are ignited while transporting a damaged electric vehicle, the fire is contained inside the Müller Safety Box. The box can be flooded with water up to the board wall height of 700 mm. This depth of water is sufficient to completely cover the lithium batteries installed in standard cars and vans. A Storz-A fixed coupling is fitted on the outside for filling the box.


Technical Data MSB

Water inlet/outlet 1 x Storz A
Total length 6,000 mm
Total width 2,522 mm
Total height 2,430 mm
Loading space length (interior dimension) 5,525 mm
Loading space width (interior dimension) 2,220 mm
Loading space height (interior dimension) 2,000 mm
Board wall height 700 mm
Height with opened roof 4,747 mm
Empty weight 2,490 kg


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