mueller safety box

mueller safety box


Forest and vegetation fires constantly present new challenges for the emergency services.

An important aspect of fighting vegetation fires is a steady supply of water at the incident site. Shuttle traffic with fire engines, agricultural drum vehicles and hose lines laid over long distances is usually the method that is used. Reservoir containers serve as important intermediate storage and provide for a reliable water supply over the last few hundred metres to the incident site.

Alongside the Müller Safety Trailer, the Müller Safety Water Sack offers a highly mobile water supply solution for forest fire incidents. The closed, flexible sacks are suitable for holding extinguishing and waste water and have a volume of 7,000 or 14,000 litres. They are 6,300 mm long x 2,430 mm wide. The height is determined by the volume of extinguishing water; it is 500 mm with a capacity of 7,000 litres and 1,000 mm with a capacity of 14,000 litres.

Inside the water sacks, three surge breakers are installed to enable smooth driving during operation with the Safety Trailer. Directly on the first deployment, the MÜLLER SAFETY TRAILER with a filled water sack can bring up to 14,000 litres of extinguishing water to the incident scene. The emptied bag can then be unloaded from the trailer and placed next to the vehicle. The watertight trailer has a capacity of approximately 17,000 litres. In combination with the water sack connected with a hose line, this provides for a maximum reservoir of up to 30,000 litres of extinguishing water. The water can be extracted directly from the sack, which usually lies at a lower height level, using suction hoses attached to the front end. The water supply in shuttle traffic or by means of a hose line is assured by the Storz-A and Storz-B fixed couplings on the MÜLLER SAFETY TRAILER.

The combination of a trailer and water sack ensures the shortest possible set-up times, minimum personnel requirements (one squad) and, depending on the situation, quick changes of location. The water sack is available with a capacity of 7,000 and 14,000 litres. These variants were developed bearing in mind the fact that the trailer can have a payload of 7 or 14 tons. This is dependent upon the permissible trailer load of the towing vehicle. The trailer is operated by means of a 40 mm or 50 mm swivel-mounted towing eye.

Water sack as a standalone solution

The water sacks can also be used individually without the trailer. They are supplied with a bag fitted with a carrying strap for easy transportation by two people.

The water sacks feature a filling and emptying connection with a Storz-A fixed and blind coupling. The scope of delivery also includes a ball valve with a Storz-A connection on both sides, six two-piece lashing straps (hook/ratchet), and two rubber mats (6m) for securing the load and for use as padding for operation on firm surfaces.

The Müller Safety Trolley is also available as a transport accessory. The trolley, developed in accordance with AGBF (Working Group of the Heads of Professional Fire Brigades in the Federal Republic of Germany) guidelines, is available as an optional transport solution.


Technical Data Water Sacks

Filling 1 x Storz-A + 1xStorz B
Emptying: 1 x Storz-A
Total length 6,300 mm
Total width 2,430 mm
Total height 500 mm / 1,000 mm
Fill volume 7,000 / 14,000 litres

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