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The compact units can be loaded onto pick-ups and UTVs and can also reach deployment sites in difficult and impassable topographical locations. This is especially important in the case of incipient fires. During ongoing deployments, the skid units provide a valuable service as they can be deployed straight away in response to spotter and aerial fire alerts. During reconnaissance missions and patrols, immediate intervention is possible if any incipient fires are sighted.

The skid units are designed so that basic components such as the tank, pump and stowage compartments are easily accessible and practically positioned away from the physical centre of gravity. At the same time, they offer a high degree of individual scope for designing the load capabilities. This starts with the dimensioning of the tank size, which is available with a capacity of 350 or 500 litres. The skid unit is fitted as standard with a 4-stroke normal pressure pump. On the output side, the skid unit can be operated with either a Storz-D or a Storz-C outlet. In addition, a high-pressure pump with a combustion engine and a reel for a high-pressure hose can also be installed.

Storage space for the pressure hoses is provided for according to the customer’s requirements, either with compartments for storing them in bays or with storage compartments for roll hoses. Several variants are available for carrying tools, equipment and PPE: Customers can choose between a platform for accommodating commercially available Euroboxes or a completely closed metal box with lid. For weather protection, there are matching ready-made tarpaulins depending on the selected configuration.

Müller Safety Skid Units are available in various sizes and configurations. A differentiation is made between the tank capacities, the pumps and the optionally available accessories. The units can be loaded onto pick-ups from various manufacturers such as Ford, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, etc. Skid units are also available for Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) from Polaris, CF Moto, John Deere, etc.


Technical data - basic module

Dimensions: 106 cm x 93 cm x 128 cm (W x H x D)
Unladen mass: 210 kg
Total weight: 560 kg (tank capacity 350 l, without load)

Pressure pump WH 15, Honda 4-stroke OHV petrol engine,
max. output at 3600 rpm 3.5 hp
max. delivery head/pressure: 40 m / 4.0 bar
Pressure outlets: 1x Storz-C, 1x Storz-D

Extinguishing water tank: polyethylene (PE), semi-transparent,
vent valve, baffle, wall thickness 8 mm,
350 litre capacity

steel profile frame,
coating RAL 3020 (optionally selectable),
suitable for forklift transportation,
lashing rings for securing loads

Material compartments:

hose compartments for 2x C 52 and 2x D 25 hoses (optionally selectable), material deck for stowing transport boxes, tools, etc.

Optional extra equipment:

tank filling line,
tank fill level indicator,
filling system for pump fuel tank,
lighting for the surroundings and pump control panel,
Scotty 4171 foam proportioning system (fixed installation),
increased tank capacity,
high-pressure extinguishing system by arrangement,
airworthy basic frame

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