Paul MÜLLER SAFETY - made for big jobs

Products for fire brigades, civil protection units, roadside assistance and towing companies.

The tasks and requirements for handling electric vehicles and battery storage systems are becoming more and more complex and demanding. We are specialists for the transportation and safe storage of damaged electric vehicles and large batteries. In everyday use, Müller Safety products help tackle major transportation tasks and handle day-to-day logistics at deployment sites.

The Müller Safety Boxes are the preferred choice of roadside assistance and towing companies for transporting damaged electric vehicles.

The Müller Safety Trailer also plays a role in the class of logistical trailers for the transportation of heavy loads for fire brigades, technical relief services and civil protection units. It is also dimensioned as a reservoir container for tackling burning vegetation and for transporting up to 14,000 litres of extinguishing water.

We take a certain amount of pride in being able to provide our products to fire brigades, civil protection units, roadside assistance and towing companies with high-quality components that function reliably at incident deployments.

For this we give all our know-how.

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