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Rescue operations on high-voltage vehicles

In-depth knowledge and the use of special tools are necessary for the smooth handling of operational situations involving high-voltage vehicles. At training seminars held at your location, fire brigade personnel, employees of road assistance companies and rescue service personnel acquire the skills they need for deployments involving electric vehicles.

With the help of exhibits, the participants “grasp” how the high-voltage components function in a practical manner and learn how to safely handle electric vehicles in realistic minor situations.

We distinguish between leadership training and training for the teams working on the vehicle. While the tactical aspects and background knowledge about e-mobility play a central role for heads of operations, after the theoretical part of the seminar the response teams work on small operational exercises. The participants can practice on a prepared vehicle and try out the procedure that they have learned straight away. The exercise focuses on the investigation, securing and documentation of the electric vehicle deployment site.

You can download an information sheet about the training seminars as a PDF file.


Intensive leadership training - one-day seminar

Rescue operations on high-voltage vehicles

An entire day dedicated to e-mobility. Learn about the design of high-voltage vehicles, their components and basic operating principles.
Starting with an intensive training session on designations, equipment, safety features, rescue data cards and energy storage systems, this is followed by a joint examination of various electrical vehicles. The focus is always on practical recommendations for action and references to important features of high-voltage vehicle technology. Another part of the training day involves becoming acquainted with and literally grasping high-voltage disconnection points, cables, relays, batteries and many other exhibits.

After lunch comes the practical part of the seminar day. Here the participants can apply their newly acquired knowledge in practical deployment situations on specially prepared vehicles. The seminar ends with a joint discussion. All the emergency personnel receive a certificate of attendance.
// Participation requirement: 
Emergency personnel with the minimum qualification ‘Squad leader’

// Seminar contents:

+ Charging infrastructure
+ Identification features of high-voltage vehicles
+ Classification of the drive technology
+ Design and mechanism of HV vehicles
+ Designation of the HV components
+ HV concepts and vehicle technology
+ Technical safety requirements in accordance with Federal ECE R100
+ Electrical hazards, development of electric arcs and protective measures
+ Emergency data sheets for HV vehicles
+ Design of lithium batteries
+ Hazards from lithium batteries
+ Extinguishing operations
+ Handling of damaged HV components
+ DGUV information sheet 205-022 “Rescue and extinguishing work on electric vehicles”
+ Technical presentation
+ Practical deployment exercises with prepared vehicles
+ Non-electrical hazards at the deployment site
(chemical hazards, fire and explosion hazards)

// Service clothing:

Day service clothing and technical relief service clothing for the practical part

// Materials:

Each participant receives a comprehensive handout and a notepad with deployment handover protocols

// Catering:

The price includes beverages, one breakfast and one midday meal


// Qualification:
The participant acquires the qualification “Qualified Instructed Person (QIP) Level 1S”.
The purpose of this seminar is to obtain the qualification in accordance with fire brigade service regulation 2 (FwDV 2) Clause 5


// Costs:

The participation fee is EUR 199.00 incl. VAT.

Nächste Termine für diese Veranstaltung:
Sa. 04.03.2023 - Balve, NRW [OUT OF BUSINESS]
Sa. 29.04.2023 - Nordhausen, Thüringen [OUT OF BUSINESS]
Sa. 06.05.2023 - Wiesmoor, Niedersachsen [OUT OF BUSINESS]
Sa. 20.05.2023 - Alsfeld, Hessen [OUT OF BUSINESS] 
Sa. 01.07.2023 - Herzogenaurach, Bayern [OUT OF BUSINESS]
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